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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Commenting Policy on BRAC

So the Navy BRAC results are out, as noted in multiple other blogs, to include and Ultraquiet No More.

Being that I am still Active Duty, I have received the following guidance:

"We have received clear guidance from the acting Deputy Secretary of Defense that Department of Defense personnel refrain from answering questions or providing comments regarding the Commission's recommendations. That means it is inappropriate for any DOD employee to comment on BRAC decisions. Remember: They are still recommendations until recommended by President and enacted by Congress."

That means that I cannot comment in any official (or unofficial) capacity on the BRAC recommendations. I don't really have much to say that hasn't been said already, though, so the point is rather moot.

They should get to my current command (Naval Ordnance Test Unit) later today. We fall under the Joint Commands Briefing Seperately portion of the deliberations. Specifically Chapter 10, Section 182 (Consolodate Navy Strategic Test & Evaluation). The recommendation (direct from the black and white Horse's Mouth) is:

"Realign Patrick Air Force Base, Cape Canaveral, FL, by relocating Nuclear Test and Evaluation at the Naval Ordnance Test Unit to Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic, Kings Bay, GA."

When this issue is debated by the commission, I will provide on this blog the information presented by the commsission. I'll try my best to avoid personal comment (as hard as that might be!)

UPDATE: Well, the commission moved to strike the proposal to relocate NOTU, and the motion was approved with an 8-1 vote, with only Mr. Principi (Chairman) voting against. So, now the recommendation is to keep NOTU open, and since the POTUS has already said he will approve the commission's findings, the only real step left is Congress.


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